Chilly Willys

Chilly Willys

Hwy 307, Km 286
Playa del Carmen
Telephone: +52 984-113-4536
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Escort Girls, Massages, Show girls, Table Dance, Private Dances, VIP Area

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User Reviews

On March 31, 2014, Sergei from Russia wrote:
Went to CW a few nights ago and was not dissapointed! Loved the Dusk till Dawn atmosphere and was glad I came with a buddy. As soon as we sat down I was approached by an amazing Venezuelan beauty who sat on my lap and started working me. I enjoyed it and she showed me her amigas from Brazil, Venezuela, colombia. Each better than the other. Language was a barrier but we had a good understanding. I asked how the place worked and she instantly brought up sex. Waiter tried to pressure to buy her a drink, but I told her we have fun, then after I would treat her after. Price: $30 @ the door $220 for hour of good time at the back. I did have a strange feeling being led out back with 2 guards at the rooms. but all good. About $20 for a drink for the babe. Tipped about $3.75 at the door exit. After my hour, the girl danced for me at my seat. Kissed me and was a doll while I was enjoying the rest of my evening. I felt safe enough but I respected the locals and the girls. I rate it a 4 only for the price. For a third world, it is overpriced. But overall, I had an amazing time and will definitely come back.

On February 10, 2014, Greg Keathly from New York wrote:
I went to CW's and had a good time. I ended up paying $200 plus another $25 tip for an hour of sex. The prostitute was great! I do worry about STDs though. Has anyone heard of people getting STDs at CW's?

On January 7, 2014, Jake from Switzerland wrote:
CHEATING!!! Nice girls but a place where they only try to cheat you. We where there three of us and only wanted to see some dances. After some minutes the girls came to our place to ask us for more, which we denied. After they where leaving suddenly an opened bottle of whisky was on the table. No one of us had touched it. Anyway they forced us (offering violence) to pay nearly 200 US$ for it. After we had payed, one friend was trying of this "whisky" and only from some sips he got a complete blackout. Never ever again!! Be carefully if a taxi driver suggests this place: The get payed part of the fare from Chilly Willys to hook up the guests. On your way back you pay much more than the double price.

On December 18, 2013, Graybe from Playa del Carmen wrote:
I'm familiar with Chilly Willy's, and now that I live here, it's now the last place I would visit in PDC. The messeros look out for gringos who appear to have money; then they work them. If you order an open drink (not a closed beer, but a bar drink), you may get ruffied. You'll be disoriented and feel very drunk, and you'll be easy pickings for the crooken wait staff. This happened to me - one margharita and I was spinning. Luckily, I was only there for one drink, and it really hit me hardest later at the gas station nearby. I sat staring into space for half an hour, until the local cops checked me out - and actually drove me home. They must be familiar with the scam. The girls are hot, the prices are high and I've heard that the action in teh private rooms is every more pricey. Go to La Selva or to Pussy Cats for more honest action. Chilly Willy's is really a very dangerous tourist trap. I've heard that Marlin is similar, but haven't bothered to experience it. G.

On November 19, 2013, Pablo from London UK wrote:
I lived in PDC for 9 months in 2012 and in the first 3 months several of my friends visited me and we'd smooze over to CW. I can honestly say it's an ok place if you only go for a lapdance or to watch the strippers, but the minute you get embroiled in taking a girl out the back or try and get her back to your hotel/apartment you are talking big bucks. You could easily spend $800 to $1000 in one night, if you can afford that or think thats the price for an ok night out then go for it. Lady drinks start at $30 lapdance (two tunes)is $60 and a tip of say $20, although as mentioned before, you are encouraged to touch which is a novelty, but they want you as horny as hell so the invite to the rooms is hard to refuse. For an extra $100 you will get a handjob as part of the dance but if it takes you a while to cum it will be more. full sex in the room at the back is about $500 after you've tipped the girl. To get her back to your room is anything from $600 to $800. Yes there is some 8's and 9's depending on which night but sometimes some 6's at best. Can I give you some advice and say don't go there. save your money, you'll get a lot more fuck for your buck in Thailand or Philippines, where a full night would be about $250. There are some freelancers around in PDC mainly from South America and the odd East European, but they like to be seduced a littl before coming across. Heres the plan myself and friends took after visiting CW's and Marlins a few times and getting ripped off. On the first night stroll around some of the bars and clubs and find where most of the single women hang out, it changes from night to night, Friday and Saturday are best nights, expect a bit of a crawl, but thats fun when you're with your mates. Try speaking a little spanish even if it's just badly, the local talent like that. The latino girls will give some eye contact if they are interested, if you don't give the eye move on. Buy them a drink or two and try a little salsa dancing, again even badly scores you browny points, don't expect anything to happen on the first night, you'll be lucky if you get even a kiss, Then get a phone number or maybe make a date for a meal on the next night, they prefer it if it's say 2 or 3 couples the first time. They will seem shy at first,it's just their Catholic culture, but if they see you are prepared to take them somewhere a little more expensive and selubrious they will like you even more, and know you are not a bandito gringo. Be fun and don't paw them, get close when doing a slow dance, and tell them they are the most beautiful woman you've ever seen, and by the 4th night you'll have yourself a trip back to your hotel for some cuddling and kisses, (Don't ever say to them Let's fuck) let them set the pace and you may well get all you want. I wooed a Argentinian beauty for 5 nights, we had lots of fun and laughter, good food and lots of beer and wine and on the 6th night I had the night of my life, she even let me do her up the bum. It cost me about $500 for the enjoyment of her company and that included a cheap phone for her sister. She even took me to breakfast the next morning. it's a big investment in time but well worth it compared to what the brothels charge. My friends also had good results doing this and to be honest we did'nt always get our leg over but more often than not had a happy ending of some sort or another, but to be honest we all had fun with these women and in the main they were good company. I appreciate not everyone has the time or the inclination to invest in the freelancers, so for you the brothels are a good option, but never go there alone, i've heard some horror stories. If I ever return to PDC i'd never go to CW's for my sex, i'd rather have a wank to be honest.

On October 8, 2013, griggs from Las Vegas, NV, USA wrote:
I took my Wife on a Friday night after having a nice dinner and cocktails at the Palace Resort. We arrived a bit early 10pm but there were plenty of girls already there. We ordered a few drinks and proceeded to play a game of pool until we found a girl we both liked. about that time i noticed a girl from Chile stading in the corner. She was a '10' even by Vegas standards, about 19 or 20 years old, 5'-9", 115lbs, and a perfect C. My wife went over and got her and after a short negotiation we went to one of the casitas in the back of the building. It did seem a little sketchy at first but when we undressed this beutiful thing and began to take turns with her it became clear it was definately all worth it. After an hour we said our good byes and left. Now i have had many 3somes with my wife through the years and this ranks up in the top3 for sure....Take a chance....always watch your back.....and enjoy as much pussy as you can...

On June 13, 2013, Jeff from USA wrote:
The host was awesome. My favorite drink is black sambuca and they didnt have any my first visit. When i returned the following evening they had it for me. The women are beautiful and the prices are competitive. Met several beauties but one in particular still haunts my dreams. The doctor misses his patient. Go have fun bring money and do it all over again the next night.

On June 3, 2013, Latina Lover from USA wrote:
1st off this place is really a brothel more than a strip club. There is always a couple of hot latinas that are about 8's and a bunch of 6's. The cover is just like any other strip club in the US, but everything else is better. I actually had a girl suck my dick for a second in the lap dance room. The main goal of all these girls is to get you in the back room which costs $60-$70 and then you have to negotiate with the girl. I've been paying around $150 for an hour. Which is not too bad for gfe, bbj, etc... and a full hour with really hot mexican, brazilian, colombian girls, etc... The one really lame hussle here is the stupid drink policy. $25-$30 for a drink for the girl is ridiculous. And they really pressure you to buy them. I hate that about this place. If I like the girl I just say no let's go to the lap dance room instead. That way I can see what she looks like naked and decide if I want to take her in one of the casitas. Yeah it's pricey for mexico. But how many strip clubs in the US can you do this in? The Mexican Casita vs. the US 'champagne room'. lets see an hour in the champagne room is usually around a grand and you don't even get to fuck the girl. Place is amazing if you want to have sex with a hot girl. If you're looking for just a strip club you won't be happy. Again just say no to buying the girls drinks and you're all good.

On May 31, 2013, andres mendez from republica dominicana wrote:
es muy buen lugar

On May 11, 2013, New Yorker from USA wrote:
Waste of Money. If you have a small dick and could only last less than 20 minutes, then this is your place. She was HOT but she came way too short; she pushed me out of the room telling me that if I don't come quick, the guard would come and ask me to pay once again for her time and the room. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On March 4, 2013, Ed from Seattle wrote:
stop complaining suckers! strip joints are great if you have the money otherwisejust go screwyour fat ass wife

On October 1, 2011, T BONE MALONE from USA wrote:
This place is the only reason to go to Playa besides the beach. Anything goes and the girls are hot.

On September 14, 2011, jimmmy10 from denver co. wrote:
I was there December 1998 and it was fantastic! Prices were a lot lower and the girls great! Well worth the prices! Try it, you will like iT!!!!~!

On May 13, 2011, Barone from italia wrote:

On November 11, 2010, johnny flexx from canada wrote:
Went to C.W.with my girlfriend met some great people.Had a blast. I only had hundred dollar bills on me and when I gave the door man one to get in he said he would have to give me the change later. I was thinking no way I won't see a dime but yep five min later he found me in the bar and it was all good great people and great girls.I recommended a visit you won't be disappointed

On September 2, 2010, Bob from Germany wrote:
AVOID THIS PLACE!!!!! We went there in August 2010. At first all was good, seemed ok, ordered a bottle of rum with some cokes and sat down to watch the girls. After that everything gets VERY blurry! The night got totally out of controll! By now we know the DRUGED US! They probably put XTC or MD in our drinks! They totaly took advantage of out situation and basically took all our money! My advice, dont EVER EVER go there!!!

On April 25, 2010, Anthony from Norfolk wrote:
Going to PLC later this year,and considering this as a stop. Is it too rough for ladies (not working ones).

On March 29, 2010, Sid Logan from Los Angeles, CA, USA wrote:
The first time I went to Chilly Willy's was in June of 2008. A friend of mine has a house on the beach in Playacar and invited me and a couple of other guys down for a week. We went to C.W.'s the last night we were in PDC and enjoyed it so much, we wished we'd have gone earlier in the week so we could have returned multiple times. I was blown away by the place. In my opinion, the women were spectacular and there was lots of them -- akin to the kind and quantity of strippers I've encountered at strip clubs in Las Vegas. I was drawn to one particular cutie from Argentina who I hired for a couple of lap dances in the VIP room. Although the main section of the club has an airy charm with its thatched roof and semi-open stick walls, I must admit the VIP room was a little odd. It might be my imagination but it seemed like it was completely made out of cement: cement floor, cement walls and individual cement stalls with cement benches where clients sit while being entertained. It was not as cozy as the main room with the dance floor, but I nonetheless enjoyed the experience. Unlike most strip clubs in the States, there was a no holds barred approach taken in the VIP room, meaning you could be as hands on as you wanted. In fact, the dancers encouraged patrons to grab all they wanted. The real surprise, though, came when my pretty young dancer informed me that US$250 could get me an hour of "anything I wanted" in the private bedrooms out back. I was genuinely surprised because I thought prostitution was illegal in Mexico. Guess I tend to be a little naive. Anyhow, as curious as I was about what might go on in those back rooms, I was a little fearful I'd get drugged and robbed or be subjected to some other horrendous fate. So I opted to stick with the tried and true table dances with which I felt more comfortable. After returning to the USA, however, that curiosity continued to gnaw at me. So a year later, in June of 2009, when I returned to PDC with the same group of guys, I was determined to take the Chilly Willy's experience to the next level. This time around I met a Mexican hottie who, quite honestly, was the girl of my dreams. She was stunningly beautiful -- had the face of an angel and the body of a porn star. I could not believe that for a measly $250 dollars I could indulge in an hour of passionate lovemaking with this Latin princess. It still blows my mind. I think it's natural for any guy going into a brothel to have concerns about the STD status of the prostitutes working there, but it turns out that all of the girls are required to be tested for STD's at a local clinic on a weekly basis or the manager will not allow them to work. Apparently prostitution is not only legal throughout Mexico, it's also government-regulated and the girls are required to have licenses to practice their trade. If government inspectors find unlicensed girls or girls without current medical OK's working in a club, they'll supposedly shut the place down. Knowing this certainly made me feel a little more comfortable -- not only about the girl but also about my personal safety, which I never once felt was in jeopardy. In fact I have felt perfectly safe every time I've been to C.W.'s. I have returned to Mexico a few times since June of 2009, primarily to visit the brothels. Guess you could say I'm hooked. On my most recent trip to PDC, I visited Marlin's and found it to be a lot of fun as well. It has a different vibe than C.W.'s in that it's completely enclosed and therefore has a more cramped feel, but I thought it was nice as far as strip clubs go and the private bedrooms were quite nice. It was almost as nice as my hotel room! Oh, by the way, one night at C.W.'s I opted to rent a dancer for the night, meaning take her back to my hotel room. This required me to pay the club and the girl each US$300, but it was well worth it in my opinion. Anyhow... After my initial, instinctual tendency to "watch my back," I ultimately felt very at ease in both Marlin's and C.W.'s. As far as I'm concerned, they are amongst the safest places for Gringos to hang out in PDC or in all of Mexico for that matter. Every employee I met at either club was outgoing and friendly and eager to make a good impression in hopes that me and my friends would return again and again. The only thing I would warn newbies about is the overpriced drinks that patrons are urged to buy for the dancers -- US$26 for a wine cooler, for instance. It seems crazy! But there's a logic to the pricing: if a dancer is spending time with you at your table and you're not buying VIP dances or time in the bedrooms, this is their way of charging for the girl's company. The bar charges outrageous prices for the girl's drink and splits the profits with her, essentially giving her a commission. (Drinks for patrons, however, are moderately price; for instance, a bottle of Corona for US$3.00.) Barring this drink scam, though, you can't really go wrong at either club. Take it from me, if you spend a little green they will treat you like a king. I would go back to either club in a heartbeat and highly recommend both venues to any guy who is curious about them.

On January 31, 2010, Ironman from USA wrote:
Very cool place, way better than Marlin. A lot of hot girls from Argentina, Costa Rica, Brazil and Mexicans too. I would be back, for sure. Prices are even cheaper than another places in Playa del Carmen. Plus, they sell beef tacos, nice.

On December 14, 2009, visitor from Canada wrote:
This is exactly what one could expect in a third world country. One must be aware of the cost of the drinks, one must have the money to pay for these drinks but is probably as safe as any place considering the bars on the gates, security/ Women were all over 8's One must always keep their wits about them, but some inexperienced players could be in for a shock and lesson

On September 8, 2009, BFC from USA wrote:
What the hell are you talking about? Sure there are a couple of big guys at the front door, but what do you expect with the quality of girls waiting inside? Service in this place was good. Lap dances are 200 pesos or 17 dollars and guess what: it's the only place I found that will actually bring you change after the LD if you gave the handler a $20 bill. There were 31 girls in total and I only saw one who ranked below 8 on my scale. Admission can be bargained down to less than $10 or even $0 if you persevere (we did it on our first visit). They will try to sell you overpriced drinks for the girls but will leave you alone after a while. The rooms in the back are have the bear minimum but are cleaned up after each use: new sheets, floor moped. You will find all kinds of Latina nationalities. A very nice club. I can't wait to go back. Marlin's down the street is good but the quality of the dancers is more uneven.

On August 3, 2009, Robin from Amsterdam wrote:
Avoid like the plague. I just came back from a 2 week vacation and this place was dangerous, filthy and unhealthy. The security at the door are hired criminals. Perhaps this was the place to go to years ago, but now it's an open sewer. I should know, I'm from Amsterdam. Instead, check out Marlins 5 minutes away. hotter women too. Don't say you haven't been warned.

On July 14, 2009, Chrishpd1 from Mechanicsville wrote:
I had a blast just went in June 2009. I'm not sure what "Hayduke" is talking about, the girls are hot as hell from all diffrent countries. And the drink servers are all male but they are all little guys. Not to mention there is a police checkpoint permently in the median of the highway. It's safe, I was the biggest guy in there 6'0 240 but they were all nice waiters. I went with two other couples, no problems. All the locals were friendly as well.

On May 11, 2009, NORMA from MEXICO wrote:

On May 11, 2009, norma from mexico wrote:

On December 22, 2008, Frank Smith from Dapitan, Philippines wrote:
Hey, This place is as good as you'd expect. The girls are there for a reason, you are there for a reason. GOT IT? It's as good as places similar to it in other 3rd world countries. Enjoy, have a story to take home. I did go with a buddy, not a bad idea.

On August 24, 2008, william hann from columbus oh usa wrote:
i had a great time at chilly willys in 95

On August 15, 2008, Hayduke (View Profile) wrote:
Avoid this place like the PLAGUE. Did you ever see the movie "From Dustk Till Dawn"? Well that place is far better than this dive. Rude and smug, these guys are every American tourists nightmare! The girls are OK but the male staff are really old time hard core bikers and riff-raff. This is not place to go unless your willing to risk you health and sanity to see some naked girls. Can you tell how disappointed we were with Chilly Willys? If not, go ahead and try it yourself. You'll see! Life is far too short and the virtues of naked woman too sensational to be ruined by a third rate experience like you are likely to receive at CW. Save your money.