Kentucky Fried Chicken - Juarez Avenue

The corner of 30th Avenue and Juarez Avenue
Playa del Carmen
Delivery: +52 984-873-1300
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American fried chicken chain.
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User Reviews

On May 7, 2014, benny from texas wrote:
very bad service. no one, i mean no one ever answers the phone. and they never ever have the original recipe. to top it off when i went there the music is loud and of poor taste, and the workers all seem dirty and dont care about the service. it is the worst place on earth!!!!!!

On April 25, 2014, johanna from playa del carmen wrote:
Very disappointed ! firstly it takes you around an hour for someone to answer the telephone.. when you actually recieve your meal it is absolutley stone cold the chicken was dark and smelt off... out of date.. the mashed potatoe was lumpy the french fries were burnt.. and they never never have any elote...I will never be eating KFC again... I dont was to get salmonela thank u ....

On November 19, 2013, Bombon from Playa del Carmen wrote:
Un asco!!!!!! Llamas al servicio a domicilio y cuando por fin levantan el auricular te cuelgan sin más ni más!! El Ratng mas bajo en esta página debería ser "-5 Stars (Sucks)"

On September 25, 2013, Alejandra aguilar from Playa del carmen wrote:
Mal servicio , nunca contestan el telefono.

On May 23, 2013, Phill from L.A. wrote:
What the fuck man!! I was 'bout to call for delivery service but then I had read the comments, I won't call!! what a bad service dude!! what wrong with this people??

On March 29, 2013, joseph perera from playa del carmen wrote:
Muy mal servicio, por no comprar mas de 115 pesos no me pudieron traer mi orden al hotel en donde estaba hospedado, hay mas calidad en burger king o dominos pizza!

On December 1, 2012, Fabiana from playa del carmen wrote:
servicio telefonico y a domicilio pesimo!!! nunca contesta por telefono

On November 20, 2011, Victor from Playa del carmen wrote:
Theres is NO PARKING at all nearby and the delivery range is very limited and does not cover all of playa.

On October 13, 2011, oscar ake pech from quintana roo wrote:
Van varias veces que hablo por telefono y nunca contestan y cuando contestan se tardan mucho en tomar el pedido te repiten como si no entendieran de las veces que he hablado 2 veces no me han llegado los pedidos servicio telefonico y a domicilio pesimo!!!

On October 10, 2011, beatriz from mexico playa del carmen wrote:

On December 27, 2010, KFC guru wrote:
I was disappointed... The big crunch is dark meat. Not as good as Canadian KFC. Fries are different, and gravy is different. And not in a good way... :-(

On September 25, 2010, John from Playa del Carmen, Mexico wrote:
When I'm craving fried chicken, KFC is hard to beat. The service and quality is much better than the KFC in Cancun, let's hope it lasts!

On September 17, 2010, Effie from Mexico wrote:
It's crowded, very crowded, morning, afternoon and evening.

On September 9, 2010, Joe wrote:
when does it open? [RESPONSE: KFC opened on Tuesday, September 7, 2010.]